My Body, My Choice Workshop

UCLA ARISE implemented a pilot study using an adapted sexual health workshop, My Body, My Choice (MBMC), for youth with histories of commercial sexual exploitation. Another round of the MBMC will be conducted for youth with Juvenile Justice system histories.

  • The curriculum has proven success in reducing frequency of sex, including unprotected sex, and improving knowledge, attitudes towards, and use of condoms.
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  • The research team continues to use technology to carry out a pre-test and post-tests at 1-month and 3-month to measure if the workshop reduces sexual risk taking behaviors and increases reproductive health knowledge.
  • Technology is used to support the workshop and will enroll participants in a text message-based application, in which they will receive weekly facts and quizzes to boost memory of learned knowledge. 

Why Are We Doing This Study?

  • To apply a specialized reproductive health curriculum for youth who are court-involved non-incarcerated (CINI)
  • Use technology to boost knowledge among participants via text message based system and adapting curriculum and materials to Lived Experience Experts’ feedback

Who can participate?

  • Females 12 to 18 years old
  • Girls with a history of juvenile justice involvement
  • Must be English speaking
  • Those who have access to a computer where Zoom can be accessed


Please see below for the price breakdown of incentives. Youth will receive e-gift cards sent to their email addresses for their participation.

$50 for Baseline Questionnaire

Youth receive weekly text reminders and quizzes sent via email or text based off of sexual health information

$75 for End of Workshop

Receive $75 as an e-gift card to Amazon for attending the My Body, My Choice Workshop

$90 for 1-month Follow Up Questionnaire

Receive $90 as an e-gift card to Target for completing the 1-month follow up questionnaire

$100 for 3-month Follow Up Questionnaire

Receive $100 as an e-gift card to Amazon for completing the 3-month follow up questionnaire

$55 for 11 Online Quizzes

Receive up to $55 for completing 11 online quizzes sent via text or email ($5 per quiz completed)

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait. When does the My Body, My Choice Program start?
The program dates are still not official just yet. We estimate that the program will start within the month of April on weekdays after 3pm for a total of about 14-15 hours on Zoom.
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Will we get any breaks during the online class?
Yes! The class has 5 to 10 minute breaks throughout each session.
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Am I eligible for your study?
Please reach out to our email at uclamybodymychoice@gmail.com or call/text us at ‪(424) 465-2988‬ for more information.
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Do I need to have my camera on during the class?
Yes, we ask that all our participants have their cameras on during the online class.
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Why do you ask for my attorney information?
We are required to reach out to youth’s attorneys to ask them for permission to enroll you in our study. If you are interested and eligible and your attorney grants us permission, we will move forward with enrolling you as a participant.
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How will I be paid?
You will be paid with e-gift cards to Amazon and Target that can be sent via cell phone or email.
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What if I am no longer interested in participating?
Your participation in our study is completely voluntary. You may leave our study at any point.
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What is the questionnaire? Do I have to get everything right to get the e-gift card?
The questionnaire asks questions about sexual health, birth control methods, and your beliefs and attitudes about sexual health. There is a skip option on very question if you do not wish to answer the question. You will receive the e-gift card if the questionnaire is finished to completion. The e-gift card is not based on right or wrong answers.
Interested in My Body, My Choice?
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